Website Health Check


Website Health Check

Website Health Check - Not sure how your Website stacks up ?

Website Health Check - What is it? We will take a close look at every part and page of your website and provide you with a document on what should be done, explain why these actions should be taken and why they are important. We provide a prioritized list along with a document of all the actions that we would like you to implement, or have us assist with.

Website Health Check: Quick Overview:

  • Check indexed pages
  • How many pages are returned?
  • Is the homepage showing up as expected?
  • Are navigation links present?
  • Check for and report on any broken links
  • Check for User Experience and ease of use
  • Check Mobile and Responsive Web Design

Website Content:

  • Does the homepage have informative content and include keywords?
  • Are the pages targeting mid-tail, and long-tail keywords?
  • Site search for important keyword phrases and targeting.
  • Check for duplicate content/page titles
  • Duplicate Content (Search Engines Hate This)
  • Does the same content exist on different sub-domains (example www. vs non www.)
  • Does the content exist on a secure version of the site?
  • Is the content replicated on other domains owned by the same owner?
  • Check the robots.txt
  • Check XML site maps


Website Health Checklist also includes:

  • Site Architecture
  • Technical Issues
  • Canonical URLs
  • Internal and External Linking
  • Title Tags
  • AND MORE...